The best vdr software makes it easy to use and integrates seamlessly into your existing workflows. The possibility of installing preferred integrations, for example it can make the transition more seamless for teams who are used to working with tools such as Microsoft OneDrive or Slack. A user-friendly interface will improve efficiency. If the VDR requires an extensive learning curve to master it may hinder the process of making deals and create unnecessary steps.

A good VDR will also allow you to monitor who has viewed what documents. You can monitor page-level activity to determine who has viewed which files, at what time and for how long. You can even stop users from printing or downloading sensitive files. This is great for sensitive IP or when you need to protect information from being shared with an exclusive group of users.

Private equity firms and VCs can often be dealing with a lot of paperwork at once, and having an organized system for organizing is essential to their success. The best VDR can help in the organization of these reams and help them move through due diligence swiftly. VDRs are also useful for these groups as they have a Q&A module that allows experts to answer questions without divulging details about the person who submitted the question. Find customizable reports and data analytics in a glance that can be easily accessed during internal meetings. These features can be the difference between an effective deal and one that fails.

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