Board portals for meetings are technology that helps streamline meeting-management processes. As opposed to the nascent software which only allowed access to books for board meetings Modern portals provide more functions. You should have the list of questions that you can ask during demos.

What are the key advantages of a portal for boards?

Effective meeting management begins before the meeting, with board portals that allow you make agendas and distribute them along with the relevant documents. Portals also offer an easy way to track the actions items, votes, and resolutions.

Boards can add comments to documents and collaborate in real-time regardless of the device or platform, during the course of a meeting. Portals that prioritize security can even offer electronic signatures to speed up document signing, which can prevent sensitive information from falling into unintentional hands of.

Minutes of meetings are automatically generated in the portal, removing the requirement for secretaries to manually record notes as the meeting advances. This lets your board focus more on strategic issues and less time working on administrative tasks.

If you’re thinking of adopting the latest board portal or upgrading your current one, you should inquire about how easy the software is to use. Board members are busy and don’t have the time to spend time learning a new system. Consider features that will make it easier for them to adopt including how-to videos or FAQs, remote learning sessions and a single contact for technical assistance. Take note of how the pricing structure of your vendor is a good fit into your organization’s budget.

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