As a manager, it is your responsibility to always be ready for the unexpected. If you are constantly «putting out fires,» you will never be able to concentrate on moving your business forward. Through proactive management methods, it is possible to prevent problems, ensuring your team is productive and operations run smoothly.

Effective managers plan for the future more than they react to crises. They consider the bigger picture, anticipate issues and risks, and seek out opportunities for growth. They also continuously evaluate their progress and make adjustments where needed. Fear is one of many factors that contribute to a reactive mindset. People who are prone to a reactive mindset are usually scared of risk-taking, change and failure.

Mentors and coaches for leadership can assist you in managing proactive management. Learning about proactive management best practices will give you a new an understanding of yourself and perspective, and using strategies at work can assist your team to develop an attitude of innovation.

The key to effective proactive management is effective delegation. You can reduce your burden by giving your employees the ability to take on challenging tasks and responsibilities while increasing your productivity. You can also review the business processes to determine if they can be eliminated or if software can automate them, allowing your time to focus on more strategic initiatives. Lastly encouraging brainstorming sessions could be a great way to come up with new ideas and perspectives.

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