A common theme among those who are employed in the helping professions is the feeling that they make an impact on the lives of others. According to a professional in careers that aid others it can be as simple as giving someone a smile or as complicated as helping people live longer, healthier lives. There are many ways to earn a decent income while also helping others.

How do I find a job where I could help others?

Your personal values and goals will determine the most suitable jobs that will help others. A career that is in line with your values can lead to greater satisfaction at work, and can improve your mental health. Here are a few examples of careers that could assist you in making a positive impact on the world around you:


Teachers play an essential role in molding the future generation and helping them become productive members of our communities. You will serve as a role model for your students and assist them develop the skills needed to be successful.


Nurses are on the front lines of healthcare and can help patients in many different environments, from hospitals to private practices and nursing homes. You will be a direct caretaker for your patients and collaborate with physicians and other healthcare professionals to ensure patient well-being.


An EMT (emergency medical technician) is a first-responder who provides medical treatment to patients with injuries or illnesses. You will be on the scene of accidents or emergencies such as fires and will assess and treat patients on the scene prior to bringing them to the hospital.


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