VDRs (also called electronic data rooms or virtual deal rooms) are online storage facilities that allow companies to securely share documents in any type of business transaction. They eliminate the need for physical paperwork and make it simple to manage vital business http://www.dataroomit.com information and share it with multiple parties at the same time. VDRs are vital for investment banking processes, such as IPOs, M&A and capital raising.

VDRMs are also helpful for executives in the C-level position who require sharing confidential information and files with investors, service providers or other external parties. They can also be utilized by HR departments that maintain employee records, as well as by project managers involved in a variety of business processes. The easy document sharing and strict security measures provided by a VDR ensure that sensitive data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

A typical pricing model is based on an amount fixed per month or year of storage space. This is ideal for small-scale projects where you already know how much data you will require to keep. This pricing model is ideal for companies that do not plan to exchange large amounts of audio or video files.

Other pricing models include flat-fees or subscription-based models. Although free file-sharing platforms, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, provide basic security features but they do not offer the full range of the features that are available in dedicated paid VDRs. Specialized paid VDRs, like iDeals, SecureDocs, and Dealroom offer a variety of security features that make them more suitable for document sharing with sophisticated features.

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