A well-written agenda for board meeting ensures productive and lively discussions that focus on the most important issues of the company. A well-written agenda will keep your attendees active, whether you’re holding meetings in person or online.

An effective agenda begins with a clear and concise call to order, which signals the beginning of the meeting as well as any other proceedings. This could include the name of the chairperson as well as a brief statement of the purpose of the meeting.

Then, your agenda for your board meeting should include a short report or presentation from the executive director http://boardmanagementtool.com/what-is-a-venture-capital-backed-company or CEO on the company’s performance and key initiatives. You can also include a section of reports from the finance, nominating and governance committees.

Allocate time for any guest presentations or open forums that your organization is hosting. You should also leave room for announcements and thank you remarks. You should also leave space for any future business issues that require follow-up or that have not been discussed in the past.

It is common to get distracted by the new topics of discussion, which could cause your meeting to lose momentum. Include a parking area at the end of the agenda, where it is possible to discuss ideas that are new. Also, include a rough estimation of how long each subject will take to debate. This will help you avoid overrunning the timeframe for board meetings. If you aren’t able to come to a conclusion on an issue, you can transfer it to the next board meeting to keep the agenda on track.

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