You’ll likely come across VDR reviews in your research, whether you are a client advisor or part of an M&A team. Some are legitimate and others are fake, either to favor an organization or to tear them down. Learning how to differentiate real from fake virtual data room reviews can save you a lot and money.

The best VDR will help you reach your M&A due diligence goals and other delicate transactions without the need for an actual meeting. It also helps you avoid the expense and travel time of a meeting. The best virtual data rooms offer specialized user interface templates for different tasks, and they also provide tools that can streamline collaboration and document exchanges. They also have a variety of security features to prevent sensitive information from being shared, including a fence view feature that hides parts of a file to stop the process of screenshotting.

Some vendors even go beyond the basic cloud storage software to help with due diligence by offering features such as in-app chat and chat, phone, and email multilingual support, dedicated teams and managers and product videos. These are things that most providers don’t prioritize, but they can be critical to the success of the deal.

The top VDRs also come with a range of AI features that result in significant efficiency, improve accuracy, and make the user experience more enjoyable. DFIN’s place of business, for instance is a combination of all your digital tools in one place and allows users to view a single file structure. It allows you to index and organize documents to make searching simpler and its executive suite lets you see every project in use at in a glance. You can also control the access by using a single sign on and deactivate credentials when someone quits the business.

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