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Board Candidates are the people who will serve on the board of directors. It is crucial to have a procedure to screen and recruit prospective board members to ensure that your board is always adequately staffed. Board seats that are vacant can lead to business setbacks and make it harder for new members into the role.

Board recruitment typically involves the board’s nomination committee and other stakeholders. The nominating committee should identify candidates who have both board experience and the appropriate skills. Additionally the committee should take into consideration people with high intellectual standing outside of the corporate world (such as academics, government leaders and supranational institutions or non-governmental organizations) and who have a track record of exemplary leadership in their fields.

Once a list of candidates has been developed the chair of the board can invite the candidates to a pre-screening interview, and then to a meeting with the full board. The board can get to know the candidate and the person can gain an understanding of what it’s like being on the board.

It is useful to have detailed profiles of candidates that voters can access via the internet during the process of voting. This will allow voters to make a more informed decision regarding the candidate they select. In addition, it could be beneficial to have a cumulative voting system in your ballot or let voters choose «abstain.» Both of these choices can be easily arranged in ElectionBuddy.

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