It is important to know what your audience is expecting when you prepare a presentation for a board meeting. Typically, a presentation for the board’s members is intended to: a) keep them updated on a crucial area of business or) supply data and context that will allow them to dig deeper on a specific topic to assist in making strategic decisions.

Board members have a lot on their plate, from managing their respective roles and responsibilities as well as supporting the company’s success. They shouldn’t be expected to hash out the fine details of every report or initiative, and that’s okay! Board meetings are focused on big-picture discussions that will affect the long-term goals of the company and its worth.

Integrating this knowledge into your presentation can aid in moving past sloppy or repetitive reports into powerful storytelling that inspires helpful conversations and critical decisions. It’s also helpful to ensure that your audience is comfortable with the language you’re using – for instance, if the Board isn’t familiar with a particular industry or strategy It is best not to use any jargon that might cause confusion for them.

Think about incorporating humor into your slides prior the presentation. It’s essential to consider the audience and not spit out any jokes that may not land – especially when you’re speaking on the subject of budget cuts or redundancies. Pay attention to the non-verbal communication in the room. 70% to 90% of it is non-verbal.

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