Board meetings provide a venue for board members to provide important feedback about the progress of a company. Board meetings can also be an opportunity for members to build camaraderie and build trust.

To ensure productive discussions and productive decisions A successful board meeting should begin with a clear and concise explanation of the meeting’s objective(s) prior to the time the board meets. This means sending a board package with all the information required for the discussion (no need to send more than what’s crucial) and preparing an agenda that highlights what’s most important to be discussed.

Robert’s Rules of Order is used by some boards to govern their meetings. However it’s not necessary for all boards. It is generally the chair’s responsibility to ensure that all materials and invitations are distributed on time, that notes are taken, as well as that board members receive all the required materials prior to a meeting.

One of the most frequent errors that companies make is not preparing and disseminating their board documents in advance. You must announce the purpose of the board meetings to all participants prior to the meeting. This will allow directors to prepare for the meeting and ask questions. This saves time in the meeting for discussions and allows you to keep the meeting as short as possible. If you have a board member who insists on a lengthy report being included on the agenda, then plan to make the meeting to end at least one hour after any break.

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