A data room is an exchange platform for confidential documents. The most common use cases are multidisciplinary project work, lawyer and client communications, or due diligence procedures. The virtual version of the locked data safe provides all the benefits of a contemporary communication tool and is fully compliant with data protection regulations.

Virtual data rooms are employed in Germany for a variety of confidential business deals. This includes mergers and acquisitions as well as real estate transactions, investment projects, due diligence and many more.

By using a virtual room it is possible to ensure that sensitive information is only accessible by users who have been authorized. This improves the trust and security of the project. The data rooms also facilitate more efficient collaboration, which makes it easier to make decisions.

The idgard virtual room is ideal for secure collaboration with external partners, such as lawyers or clients, and for sharing information with internal teams. It’s also a great tool for effective board communication. The data room is easy to set up and maintain. The data is secured from unauthorized access with strong encryption and passwords.

The German virtual dataroom provider netfiles GmbH was successfully audited in accordance with the internationally acclaimed SOC Standard which is crucial for companies who want to comply with GDPR. The solution is a part of the initiative Cloud Services Made in Germany and adheres to the strict EU privacy guidelines. The data centers of the company are located in Berlin, Frankfurt, and Munich. They offer rapid speed and high-quality security.


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