In the past, board members had to be present to vote. With new technologies, such as videoconferencing, and online voting platforms members can vote from anywhere. This saves time and money and allows your business to make quick decisions.

Board member remote voting can be done via email, or a secure online platform with robust security features that allow mobile apps and granular permissions to ensure members are who they say they are and not hackers. The online platform makes it simple to store and share materials and board minutes. The platform is easy to use and makes the entire process much simpler for your board of directors.

Before the voting begins the organization needs to develop a nomination process for candidates who are interested in running. An organized nomination process can help drive early enthusiasm and excitement for the race, as well as help your organization choose the most suitable leadership for its board.

It is now time to hold the elections. It is important that you utilize a voting system that gives your members confidence in the accuracy and integrity of the vote. This will ensure that your vote is as accurate as possible and give you a clear idea of what your members think of the nominees.

Once the votes are tallied and the results are tallied, it is essential to analyze and discuss the results, and decide what the next steps should be. It is also important to have an established system that informs all of your board members of the voting results when they become available, so that everyone feels left out or ignored.

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