Board management software (also referred to as board portal software) is a specific application that provides boards of directors as well as senior leadership teams with a secure means to access, share and store data. It assists them in streamlining their decision-making processes and allows them to communicate more effectively with one another as well as external stakeholders.

The best board management tools let boards manage agendas for meetings and prepare for upcoming meetings. They also provide members with the ability to go through important documents prior to the meeting, and also post questions or comments for discussion during the meeting. Some of these tools include a video conference feature that allows board members to attend meetings from anyplace around the globe and participate in real-time along with others.

Anyone who has worked with these types of tools often say they help increase the effectiveness and efficiency of meetings, and the quality of decisions made by the board. It is imperative that the board chooses an approach that is based on good governance, and can be used by all to aid in making better decisions.

It is essential that all those involved including the IT team, spend time in training to become comfortable with the software. In addition, look for tools that offer an opportunity to try the software for free and work with the devices that you use the most often. This will make the transition to a different tool easier and more efficient.

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