If you’re in the field of private equity, you’re aware that a lot of information has to be collected and stored throughout the process of evaluating and closing deals. The most effective software for a PE deal usually connects to third party data services and includes tools to make due diligence more efficient. Moreover, it should help with tracking and reporting on the performance of the deal after investing.

A central system is essential to manage investor relations, tracking the performance of companies in their portfolio and connecting funds accounts. The best solution can automate workflows and provide an authoritative source of all the data that is required to conduct due diligence.

Prior to recently, the top PE firms relied on Excel spreadsheets, as well as their own internal systems to track their clients, contacts and activity. This led to issues and missed opportunities to find and win deals. To remedy this the second group of software providers specialized in the field of private equity created products to streamline and control deal flow. These are typically CRM solutions that focus on relationship intelligence (e.g. making use of the insights from job changes social media updates, as well as industry news). Examples of this type of software include Navatar, Affinity, Altvia, and many others.

Think about how easy the software is to use and install. Also, consider whether the program vdrconsulting.org/what-is-the-process-of-going-paperless-with-vdr will seamlessly integrate with other tools your team could use to accomplish their work like email, calendaring, collaboration and project management tools or even financial software. Compare prices, features and reviews, as well as integrations with the tools on this page.

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